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Stainless Steel Disk with 3D appearance

39 Inch Stainless Disk


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Above is a stainless steel cap for a monument to peace. More about that is on my other website

Usually I make non-representational, abstract art to provoke immediate visceral responses. That can happen only if not derailed by the ingrained mental processes necessary for symbolic interpretation or vicarious experience. Just look at it. Do you feel anything? If not, that’s okay. But stop there.

Visceral: relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.

Rock Steel Rope


Sculpture made of half inch steel. Six upright pieces attached to each other at one point near the base.
Molecule Holder                            (Patent Pending)

One in a series I call Trophies.   Click pic or here for more.


The Cincinnati Monolith

15 friends and I joined the world monolith lark. We snuck this one into a park in Ohio, stood it up, took pictures and snuck it back out. Click here or click the pic for the story told in pics.

Copper repousse trophy
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Getting creative with selfies can make them unrecognizable, but at least that makes it so that you don’t have to update them.

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