Trophies, sort of

All of these are made of steel, but could be made of bronze, or possibly clear Lucite.

Sculpture made of half inch steel. Six upright pieces attached to each other at one point near the base.
Molecule Holder (Patent Pending)


A vessel of sorts, but this one holds secrets
Cradle of Secrets


Wavy tenacles like a jellyfish, but forged out of half inch thick steel
I could not outswim the jellyfish


A vessel the secures dreams
Securer of Dreams


It goes without saying when crosses collide
A collision of crosses


Man of steel, under a spotlight that outlines him on the wall
Truth, Justice, and the American Sway


A rack of tines
Tine Rack

Below is a smaller version of the Cradle of Secrets

There was a sign on this that said that the sculpture had to be removed from this pedestal because it was so evocative that women kept throwing their underwear at it.

People laughed.

“Cheap bulk bikinis” came up when I did a search. They sell them by the gross.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the joke. In a gallery in which there was a photo of a full length nude, this was censored for being obscene.