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PASSAGE WAY  –  A flat Stainless Steel Disk burned and turned until some viewers have described it as a vortex or wormhole you could lean into, partly because it moves as you move.

The disk is is 29 inches in diameter,
no heavier than an average painting
and costs $1,500.

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A single ribbon of steel bent and twisted
PET MOLECULE – A single ribbon of 1/4 inch steel bent and twisted

Pet Molecule has an 8 inch by 10 inch footprint,
is 14.5 inches tall and costs $1,250.

I would not expect it to
be displayed sitting on this rusty metal, but
if someone saw the photo and wanted it, they
could have it. In my experience rust has
not sold well.

If either of these should happen to sell
before the show in Dillsboro, Indiana,
I will make another similar.