Yuppie Scum

For a few years I had the luck to be part of an extremely talented sketch comedy group called "Yuppie Scum." We performed at "Stand-Up NY Comedy Club" for several years. I wrote a new sketch for them nearly every week.

The performers* mostly earned their livings by doing voice-overs for advertising, a field that can be quite lucrative and they were doing well with it. They had credits for everything from appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show to writing for TV sitcoms to acting in The Harrad Experiement to, later, producing the film Neverland.

After a few years, I grew weary of having great artistic progress not find a large enough audience because of the inability of artists to agree on marketing. When another show of mine began running, I left to work on it. "Yuppie Scum" moved to "The Original Improv" comedy club and became known as "The House Band" with some additional cast members.

I should post a couple of our sketches here sometime if I stumble on them. At the moment I remember one that was a dream an actress was having about being in a passion play but not being able to remember her lines. When The Lord spoke to her she had to wing it while the rest of the cast rolled their eyes and covered for her.

The political ones got watered down though because people tried to contort scripts to conform to their own views. When neither the writer nor the director nor the performers share an outlook, the message can become nonexistent. Fortunately, it also still can be funny.

*Cast members: Nellie Bellflower, Michael Mislove, Lane Binkley, David Cooper, Peter Press and me

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