Digital Doodles

This is a page of animations mostly done in flash files (swf) that many devices no longer support. Even the ones that do warn you that they might blow up your computer. They won't, but if you are worried about that, this page doesn't have muc for you.

Self Portrait #6                      (307 KB swf)
Portrait of the red headed Barbie   (111 KB swf)
Cigarette                                (145 KB gif)

These are things that were lying around that I probably should delete

Headlights                                     (29 KB gif)    
My Demands                            (67 KB swf)
Pauses                                          (99 KB gif)

Thinking Of You                              (150 KB swf)
Hand Spin                                          (518 KB gif)

Don't attempt what's below with a slow connection

War Memorial    (animation)              (4 MB)


Scrap I think I'm going to delete:
Ill conceived self Portrait             (78 KB gif)

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