Since this site functions partly as a resume, I'm including some information for these infrequent times when I need to show someone some theatre experience. Below is a smattering of things I've done.

The One Minute Play Contest - 75 character show
Einstein - a one character play
10W40 - three character play
Checking Out - three character play
La Tirana - a documentary
Yuppie Scum - sketch group in NYC

I wrote numerous other things that I don't remember. Theatre burns people out most of the time to the point that they don't want to remember. The above were some of the last things I did before events in medicine obligated me to become a patient safety advocate instead of continuing to pursue the things to which my life previously had been devoted.

Other Credits:
Director of the playwrights' project at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Playwright in residence at Ohio Northern University
Playwright in residence at Lake Erie College
Won some grants and awards
Had numerous small productions
Have a short play published in a text book
Studied theatre and acting at a couple of colleges and at HB Studios in NYC and studied filmmaking at NYU.

The One Minute Play Contest | Einstein | 10W40
Checking Out | La Tirana | Yuppie Scum
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