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This site grew haphazardly over time and is sorely in need of updating for which I don't have time.

One thing I do here is communicate about projects in development with links that can be found only in emails you may have received.

Below is a meandering table of contents that became more and more verbose in effort to compensate for the site's having become more and more in need of updating.

Purposeless Link - explorations in web art.
    A long string of flash art that leads back to the homepage, but that is in a code that no longer is well supported because I hitched my wagon to Adobe when I should have hitched it to Macromedia.
So you likely won't be able to see it as it was, if you can see it at all, especially on a mobile device because Steve Jobs hated flash programming.

Something barely touched on here, theatre is what I devoted myself to for years until one day in a hospital when I was tied down and helpless a surgeon flew off the handle and beat me until the injuries were so severe it was impossible to continue pursuing theater. Some theater is mentioned at this link. The assault is mentioned elsewhere.

The Book of Joel - The King James version.
I thought that people should be able to get to the book of Joel at this URL. Besides, lines from it like, "
He hath laid my vine waste, and barked my fig tree: he hath made it clean bare, and cast it away," about how men and women can trot into your life and capriciously ruin it (like this) without your being able to do anything in response, are a mirror of my experience. In my experience, they can further ruin it just for your complaining about it. They don't want you to "Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation." They don't want even the current generation warned or protected. You were not their first victim and they are not going to let you make you their last.     Historical notes on the Book of Joel

Pigletzander Calder Sculpture
This was a sculpture made for an auction to raise funds for charity.

During the decade that I lost to health care, and to the lawsuits brought to silence me, one day my then wife suggested I squeeze in a moment to do something other than deal with legal and medical issues night and day. There was a non-profit organization looking for artists who would create works to auction to raise funds. I created a sculpture that was seen by someone who gave me a commission, which lead to another commission. The next thing I knew I was a sculptor making peace poles for a living, a possibility I wished I'd known about in college when trying to serve the cause of peace and yet, by temperment, having to go into the arts (covered in more detail here on another of my sites).

Peace pole sculptures 
This other site that I link to a number of times from here is the one on which I earn a living: www.peace-pole.com.

Art made from Baseball Bats
More art to raise funds for charity.

A stainless steel sculpture

Digital Doodles
Animation and such that I created when the web was so new no one knew what kinds of things might be done on it. I was exploring what might, but didn't.

A smattering of something I did with a toy camera.
One person wanted to see it. I left it here to be one more thing watering down what searches on my name find, as explained below.

Two dimensional art

Under construction for the next 20 years.
When the web was new there were miscreants in medicine who were trying to discredit me in order to prevent anyone from listening to what I had to say about their crimes and abuses. Back then the web was new enough that a search on my name got only about 9 hits, 6 of which were lies they told to the press or posted on line. The other 3 were innocuous things like a comment I made to the FCC in response to a request for such.

So if you searched on my name, it looked like I must be a monster because their lies were 2/3 of the information available about me. Rather than try to correct their lies, I launched this site and on it posted pages of family history, artwork even though it still was in development, and anything else I could to make it so that a search on my name would bring up something other than their lies.

As the web grew there were more and more hits on my peace pole site which helped. But the miscreants were relentless. 20 years after the original crime, they still are presuading innocent people to try to befriend me and then attempt to get me to say something they could use to drag me back into court. They already have taken everything that mattered to me. The hospital stopped paying attention, but the nurse's lawyer has vowed never to quit and apparently never is going to. I might finally have to respond.

This link takes you to another of my sites, the one about making medicine safe for patients. When you know there are snakes in the grass, you have a duty to warn the other people coming through the grass. I spent half my time for 15 years working for free figuring out what the problems are and what can be done about them. Now that I have, I so much would like to go away and hide and let someone else pick up the ball.

Ulcer diet
What an ulcer sufferer can and cannot eat.

* * *

Sorry if the words here are bleak. I have a bad habit of telling the truth - one of the most dangerous and expensive habits a person could have, at least in my experience. And it has made my experience bleak.


And the crimes and the sins and the injustices they have committed against me leave me no better than a ghost that cannot depart the scene of the death of its body, able now only to be tormented by observing all that it never again can have or be part of - love, trust, value, caring and being cared about - only pretenses of such on which to get by, like eating sawdust to kill hunger. The only real thing left is miserable duty.