Stainless Steel Sculpture

long31s.JPG (109474 bytes)long7a.jpg (34064 bytes)Its colors are the result of altering the surface with acid at high heat. It will never rust and requires no maintenance.

In these photos it is reflecting a gray afternoon. Earlier and later in the day, it reflects the colors of sunrises and sunsets as well as whatever landscaping colors surround it since the ridges are polished.

It is 12 feet tall (half is showing in the photo) and varies in diameter from 10 to 14 inches.

Other poles that I make are at with prices and options.

Most of the sculptures I design get no further than becoming small scale, paper models that sit on a shelf till I discard them, like the paper patterns above gathering on my desk before final, temporary assembly. I don't have room to store full-size, permanent work that no one has ordered.

At right is the foundation for a Ferro cement
strength test. When it was completed a sledge
hammer bounced off of it. Repeated blows on
target were required finally to make a crack.


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