I'm more likely to anneal, form, weld and rivet than paint, but people ask to see what else I've done. So this is here. Click to enlarge.

   Acrylic on paper. 24 x 24 inches

   Acrylic on masonite board. 36 x 24 inches

   Acrylic on paper. 40 x 24 inches

   Acrylic on craft paper. 27 x 27 inches

   Acrylic on canvas. 26 x 36 inches

   Oil stick on paper. 22 x 33 inches

   Veiled art. This fit a wierd request from a small gallery. You have to look up through a veil to see it (for that which needs to be whispered just between you and me)   Acrylic on paper (layers of cardstock) with cheese cloth, thread and adhesive.

 To see this self portrait full size, hit your F11 key and then click self portrait. Hit your back button to return here. Other digital art is scattered about this site.

  Acid etched copper. 10 x 11 inches

I experiment with copper in order to make peace poles out of it. I made fewer of those for a while because someone managed to use them to make me look bad in court. Can you believe there are people twisted enough to do that? However, I kept getting asked to make peace poles, so finally I resumed again. I don't have room to store art that isn't paid for and with a destination waiting for it. And peace poles fit into gardens and parks and yards so well. Over time and repeated viewings they come to feel like the right thing in those places. Simple, accessible art with a purpose that holds up over time. Trying to improve on that often requires experimenting and innovating in ways that are indiscernible to most. I continue to do that.

To see a smattering of my photography, click here.

I don't put my work in shows or galleries.
People buy it from my peace pole site.
The rest disappears. I'm not sure where.

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