Pigletzander Calder

This is an art joke. It is not supposed to be a beautiful, evocative new work. It is supposed to mimic a famous body of work in an amusing way. However, the reference is obscure enough that you might need to be an art curator or an art student to get it.

This is the joke. Alexander Calder was the world-famous sculptor who made mobiles into an art form. This is a pig mobile. So it's called Pigletzander Calder. See what I mean? Unless Calder's name already is familiar to you (along with a little Cincinnati history concerning pigs) it is more likely to raise an eyebrow than a laugh. But if you want to know why they laugh, click Alexander Calder and a little Cincinnati history.

PanZan2.jpg (80613 bytes)The red things are wings and the small, yellow, wavy thing at the opposite end from the pig is it's tail. MoreZan8.JPG (113781 bytes)

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It is built of wooden box beams and has survived a wind storm that knocked down trees around it. There is steel in the joints and the feet, but the rest is a furniture grade mahogany plywood from Indonesia. I'd have made the whole thing out of steel if I'd had any idea it would be purchased for a permanent installation. I'd thought my biggest problem would be disposing of it after the show, so I made it out of wood.

1pig2s.JPG (17591 bytes)I created it for The Big Pig Gig in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA with the sponsorship of the Trustees of The Cincinnati Art Museum. It was purchased by a benefactor for The Arts Council of Beaufort County in South Carolina where it is on permanent display. (If you are in Beaufort and want it rebuilt out of steel, let me know)ZanWood3.jpg (59100 bytes)

At right is an 80% scale prototype I built to explore engineering the wood.


The three people who want still more pictures of Pigletzander can click More Pics.

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