Peace Poles

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Peace pole illuminated from insidePeace Poles that I have made are everywhere from Tanzania to Hawaii. They are not a response to any particular armed conflict. There are so many monuments to war. These are monuments to peace.

Peace Poles are a tradition that began 50 years ago and have spread to every country on earth. More than 400,000 have been "planted," which is how it is expressed with peace poles. Usually they are planted with ceremonies at which they have been dedicated by everyone from President Jimmy Carter to Mother Theresa and in places as diverse as the magnetic north pole and the Gaza Strip.

Typically mine are purchased by non-profit groups and planted in parks or at schools or churches. Some also are in private gardens at people's homes.

It is easy for peace poles to look like what happened when hippies with paint found wood. I try to make legitimize the message. I make them wider and taller and out of materials that exude substance and endurance and that last long enough to be a legacy. At left is a six-sided, stainless steel peacepole. At right is a seven-sided, limestone peace pole.

To see more of my peace poles go to www.peace-pole.com

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