The One Minute Play Contest

This was Off-Broadway in New York City with a cast that ranged in size from 75 to 150. I created, produced and directed it. Below are excerpts of reviews describing it.

"A fun and frenzied competition in which audience enthusiasm and a decibel meter decide which one-minute drama gets the fifty dollar award at the end of each six-play heat... Everyone leaves a little richer."  - The New Yorker

"Over the past three years - a unique and major addition to the comedy scene has developed in New York. Nowhere else can you sample in one night so many different up-and-coming comic performers and writers. This is a boon for audiences, performers and casting agents." - New York Post

"It's a wacky concept... I mean, how much can you accomplish in one minute? Can you have a conflict, a resolution? As it turns out, yes... can you get any good dialogue in there? Definitely. Can you entertain a paying audience? - an emphatic hu-huh... A whole lot of fun... Hot stuff." - Back Stage

"What fun it all was! And what terrific talent was on display." - New York Observer (for their full review, click here).

Covered on Good Morning America and local television.

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