Monolith Mystery

I assume you have read about the monoliths appearing around the world.
Fifteen space aliens, disguised as senior citizens, carried a steel monolith through Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio standing it up only briefly to rest before proceeding on their way. The dozen photos below prove it.
Because of Covid everything in Eden Park was closed.
​The Cincinnati Art Museum was closed.
The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park was closed.
Krohn Conservatory was closed.
There was no traffic.
Hardly anyone taking a walk.
We had been in quarantine most of the year.
We got too close to each other unnecessarily here.
We were starved for human interaction. And some just plain fun.
My friend, Brad Newsham, said, “So you threw some hippie at it.”
We did. 
The volunteers asked me to think up another lark do next.
Above photos by Prince Lang
Space aliens from other planets created monoliths with invisible welds. I do that too when I am being paid. This had to be created practically over night, be light weight enough to be carried by space aliens who were retired, and be able to be cut apart afterwards so that the material could be made into other art if no one ever bought it. But someone did.It now resides in the offices of the architecture firm that bought it.

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