Marjory Moore Selmeier


The photo at right is her. To me anyway. Time and style brought disguises, but to me this was what she looked like. Dad kept this one on his dresser. Every time I took a photo of her, I thought it didn't look like her, because in my mind what she looked like was this. 

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Even though my brother spent part of his life as a commercial photographer, there were only two times when he pointed his camera at human beings, instead of objects, and thought about the picture he was taking. One was of his stepdaughter. The other was in 1979 when he was living in Greece and Mom and Dad arrived to visit him. It is of them as they were standing on the boat waiting for it to pull up to the dock. He developed the only print of it that week in a darkroom in Greece. It shows the way other people might have seen her in the intervening years, but I still think of her as looking like the earlier photo.

She made things bloom. She made people laugh.
She made you want to come home.


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