I'm not sure much of this will be of interest to anyone except some who knew these people. The pages linked to below resulted from a search on my uncle's name years ago. He died long before the invention of the world wide web, but just to see what would happen, I typed his name into a search engine and got a hit. Somehow that meant a lot to me. I told my mother about it. She was equally moved. As a result I posted more about him and others who preceded me. To a certain extent I'm getting to know them by going through the artifacts of their lives for this. Since I work on it only intermittently, it is a side-project that may continue for years.

Great Grand Parents
Harry & Carrie (Brosene) Selmeier
William H. Selmeier | Lewis W. Selmeier
Mrs. Lewis W. Selmeier (Marjory Moore)
Robert Curti

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