"All is lots"

That's my artist's statement. Today anyway.

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The photo below is of the top section of a peace pole (more about which is on my site www.peace-pole.com). I make more of those than anything else, but they are seasonal. Off season I work on art like what's above and further below.

Top section of peace pole on a reflective surface backlit by sunset


Some things, like the copper repousse below, I sometimes post in Instagram where my handle is @peacepoles.

Copper repousse image of trophy

Oddly, other than trophies and the silhouettes of other similar sculptures, I haven't found a subject for repousse that turns out looking to me like anything but fluff. Although I'm considering seeing what silhouettes of people look like in that medium.

Pedistal under construction


Silhouette reaching out from behind screen

Getting creative with selfies can make them unrecognizable, but that makes it so that you don't have to update them.

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