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An estimated 44 percent of Americans suffer from
gastroesophageal reflux at least once per month.


Soft Drinks
In a study, researchers at the University of Arizona, Boston University, Johns Hopkins and the University of Minnesota surveyed more than 15,000 patients to try to learn more about gastroesophageal reflux. Consumption of one or more carbonated drinks per day was a good predictor of nighttime heartburn.

However, when I personally make my own by mixing soda water with non-acidic fruit juices like mango or pear, I notice no increase in gastresophageal reflux.

High Body Mass
This also was a good predictor of nighttime heartburn. As were the consumption of coffee, chocolate, whole milk, peppermint and spearmint, citrus fruits and tomatoes.

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The skin on ham
There is a reason for why pig skin is used to make footballs. It is very tough. Which makes it hard on ulcers. Unfortunately, the most frequently eaten food item in the United States is a ham sandwich, and each slice of that ham has a skin on it that will bother an ulcer. Even an Egg McMuffin carries a piece of Canadian Bacon that is ringed with pig skin that can hurt your ulcer.

These things can be removed. It is a lot of bother, but for some people the choice is either that or be sick.

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