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Baseball Bats

This project, organized by Artworks in Cincinnati, was to make art from baseball bats in order to raise funds for non-profit work and to draw people to downtown Cincinnati by its display.

The two designs that I submitted (below) got sponsors.

                      baseball bats arranged to look like a Rodin sculpture
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If I had had time, here are a few more that I would have liked to have worked on.


Below are links to additional designs I toyed with

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For a cause like ArtWorks working for little or for free is okay because it is a civic project that helps to employ teenagers and draw people downtown and fund other philanthropic work. If you are looking for art for your home that is in the few hundred dollar range, one-of-a-kind pieces like the bat sculptures cost that much just to design and I don't work for free anymore unless it supports a cause. For more affordable artwork that I create, go to

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