Metal Sculpture

I'm busy creating, and trying to deal with all the time consuming things in the way of that, so I don't log on here often.

There is a larger version of the piece below. It looks different when larger.

Sculpture reminiscent of an Octopus descending

The pieces below, plus similar others, I spent yesterday hanging where their shadows are projected on a wall making them bigger and more important. Wouldn't you think it would have occurred to me to take a photo of that? (July 2018)

Metal hanging sculpture

Clicking these photos enlarges them, and in the case of the one above brings up more images and text.

Take off on a Trophy that I call The Nerd


Take off on a Trophy that I call "To Be"

I have tried to photograph more since the snow melted, but they disappeared against the darker background. I'll try shooting them in a gallery, but I'm using transparent colors on the work now and that has proved very difficult to capture.